Pownal Cemeteries

The Cemetery information at this web site was created from the following sources.

  1. Burial Grounds of Vermont published by Vermont Old Cemetery Association
  2. Pownal Gravestones in 1910 transcribed by Theodore M. Atkinson
  3. Vermont N.S.D.A.R. Cemetery Inscriptions Vol 8 1938-1939.
    Records completed and indexed Setember 22sd. 1938
    by Isabel L. Cole - State Chairman
    and assisted by Mrs. Hazel Wilson of Bennington.
  4. My own research notes and pictures.

Azuba Searles stone
Joseph Barber Farm
Bushnell and Barney Lot
Carpenter Lot
Dunn-Ell Card Lot
Eldred Lot (Fowler Farm)
Gardner Historical
Reuben Jepson Farm
Lovett Yard
Mason Hill Lot
Morgan-Towslee Memorial Cemetery
North Pownal Cemetery
Oak Hill Cemetery
Emma Paddock Farm
Paddock Cemetery
Potter Lot (Wm. Arnold Farm)
Potter - E. Wilcox Farm
Pownal Center Cemetery
Edgar Rathbun Farm
Sherman Yard (Pownal Station)
P.H. Thompson Farm
White Oaks
Woodlawn (J. Wilcox farm)