On The Spot in Pownall - 1766

The following is taken from New Hampshire State Papers
By A. S. Batchellor [1895], Vol 26.

To the KING's Most Excellent MAJESTY.

The Humble Petition of the several Subscribers hereto, Your Majesty's
Most Loyal Subjects,

Sheweth to your Majesty;
THAT We obtained at considerable Expence of Your Majesty's
Governor of the Province of New-Hampshire, Grants and Patents for
more than One Hundred Townships in the Western Parts of the said
supposed Province(1); and being about to settle the same, many of
Us(2), and others of Us, having actually planted Ourselves on the
same, were disagreeably surprized and prevented from going on with
the further intended Settlements, by the News of its having been
determined by Your Majesty in Council, That those Lands were
within the Province of New-York; and by a Proclamation issued by
Lieutenant Governor COLDEN, in Consequence thereof forbidding any
further Settlement until Patents of Confirmation should be obtained
from the Governor of New-York. Whereupon We applied to the
Governor of said Province of New-York, to have the same Lands con-
firmed to Us in the same Manner as they had been at first granted to
Us by the Governor of the said Province of New-Hampshire; when,
to Our utter Astonishment, We found the same could not be done,
without our paying as Fees of Office for the same, at the Rate of
Twenty Five Pounds, New-York Money, equal to about fourteen
Sterling, for every Thousand Acres of said Lands, amounting
to about Three Hundred and Thirty Pounds Sterling at a Medium, for
each of said Townships, and which will amount in the Whole to about
. 33,000 Sterling, besides a Quit-rent of Two Shillings and Six Pence
Sterling, for every Hundred Acres of said Lands; and which being
utterly unable to do and perform, We find Ourselves reduced, to
the sad Necessity of losing all our past Expence and Advancements
and many of Us of being reduced to absolute Poverty and Want
having expended Our All in making said Settlements.
 Whereupon Your Petitioners beg Leave most Humbly to observe.
 1. That when We applied for and obtained said Grants of said
Lands, the same were and had been at all Times fully understood and
reputed to lie and be within the said Province of New-Hampshire,
and well within the Power of the Governor of that Province to grant:
So that Your Petitioners humbly hope they are equitably entitled to
a Confirmation of the said Grants to them(3).
 2. The said Grants were made and received on the moderate Terms
of Your Petitioners paying as a Quit-rent One Shilling only, Pro-

clamation Money, equal to Nine Pence Sterling per Hundred Acres;
aud which induced Us to undertake to settle said Townships through-
out, and thereby to form a full and compacted Country of People,
whereas the imposing of the said Two Shillings and Six Pence Sterling
per Hundred Acres, will occasion all the more rough and unprofitable
Parts of said Lands not to be taken up; but Pitches, and the more
valuable Parcels only to be laid out, to the utter preventing the full
and proper Settlement of said Country, and in the Whole to the
lessening Your Majesty's Revenue.
3. Your humble Petitioners conceive, that the insisting to have
large and very exorbitant Fees of Office to arise and be computed
upon every Thousand Acres in every Township of Six or perhaps
more Miles square, and that when one Patent, one Seal, and one Step
only of every Kind, toward the completing such Patents of Confirm-
ation respectively, is necessary, is without all reasonable and equitable
Foundation, aud must and will necessarily terminate in the totally
preventing Your Petitioners obtaining the said Lands, and so tlie same
will fall into the Hands of the Rich, to be taken up, the more valu-
able Parts only as aforesaid, and those perhaps not entered upon and
settled for many Years to come; while Your Petitioners with their
numerous and helpless Families, will be obliged to wander far and
wide to find where to plant themselves down, so as to be able to live.
Whereupon Your Petitioners most humbly and earnestly pray, that
Your Majesty will be graciously pleased to take their distressed State
and Condition into Your Royal Consideration, and order that We
have Our said Lands confirmed and quitted to Us(4), on such reason-
able Terms, and in such Way and Manner, as Your Majesty shall
think fit. Further, We beg Leave to say, that if it might be con-
sistent with Your Majesty's Royal Pleasure, We shall esteem it a very
great Favour aud Happiness, to have said Townships put and con-
tinued under the Jurisdiction of the Government of the said Province
of New-Hampshire, as at the first, as evry Emolument and Convenience
both publick and private, are in Your Petitioners humble Opinion,
clearly and strongly on the Side of such Connection with said New-
Province. All which Favours or such and so many of
them as to Your Majesty shall seem meet to grant, We humbly ask;
or that Your Majesty will in some other Way grant Relief to Your
Petitioners; and they, as in Duty bound, shall ever pray.
Dated in New-England, November, 1766. And in the Seventh Year
of His Majesty's Reign

  Cotton M Smith
  G Caldwell
  Sam(ll) Elmer Juner
  Samuel Hurlbut
  Tempe Worthington
  Tho(r) Pardee
  Martin Elmer Juner

the following is a list of the Inhabants of Pownall who are all on th Spot-
Seth Hudson
Asa Alger
Isaac Vanarnum
Timothy Grover
Petter Payne
James Archer
Caleb Raynolds
Petter Robards
theophels Whaley
John Dafoo
Abraham Bass
Loreance Cry
Woolrod Kriger
Andrew Burns
Mathew ford
David Carey
Mathew Randal
Benj(m) Briges
Daniel Perce
Jonathan Card
Joseph Williams
George Gardner Ju(r)
James Fuller
Andrew Alger
Boaz Brookens
Jonathan Wright
David Mallery
Witherly Wittam
Ely Nobels
Daniel Luce
Edward Hicks
Silas Pratt
Benj(m) Anderson
George mitchel
Dan Howlet
Joseph Miller
Ephriam Burlinggame
Ebenez(r) Wright
Samuel Waters Ju(r)
Sam Brown Ju(r)
Amos Leach
moses Corbin
Direck Smith
Michel Duning
David Perigo
Enos Grover
Luke Vanernum
John Vanernum
Abraham Jacob Laynghtson
Isaac Whaley
Charls wright
Elijah woolcutt
Noah Pratt
John George Kriger
Crispen Bull
Francies Burns
Peeter fursbury
Paul Gardner
Elisha Card
Benj(m) Raynolds
George Backer
Ephraim Mallery
George Gardner
Benoni Permenter
William Hayward
Benj(m) Gardner
Philip Brookings
Joseph Gallop
Elezer Marsh
Jerimeah Gardner
Josiah Nobels
James Curtis
George Hicks
Samuel Anderson
Benj(m) Grover
James Perigo
John Blakley
James Draper
Moses omsted
Levi West
Joshua Raynolds
Elish Noble
obadiah Noble
Isaac Lawrance
Sam(ll) Waters
Jacob Marsh
Rufuss Bakon
David Blakelee
George pengree
Sam(l) wortors
Dan Howlit
Jediah Dewey
Sephen Fay
Abiather Waldo
Sam(l) Adams
Machir Mertin
Mills sly
Sam(el) waters Junr
Ebenezer Wood
Nathan Clark
Jonathan Eastman
Joseph Wickwire
Libbeus Armstrong
Joseph Rudd
Josiah Fuller
Silas Pratt
Elijah Story
simeon Harmon
Sam(ll) Pratt
Samuel Safford
Thomas Smith
Joseph Robinson
Samuel atwood
Nathanael Holmes Ju(r)
Sam(ll) Hunt
Isreal hurd
Sam(l) Tubs
John Corey
Jonathan Cerpenter
Joseph Barber
Daniel Scott
Silas Robinson
Tho(s) Henderson
Elknah Ashley
Zech(h) Harwood
Freegift Cole
Ichabod West Ju(r)
Isaah Cerpenter
Ichabod Cross
John Bunum
Isaac Lawrance
Jestins olin
Ichabod west
Peleg spencer
Isaac serls
John Burnum J(r)
Matthias Cobb
Sam(el) waters
Moses Robinson
Jacob Hide
Henry Walbridge
John Fasset Jun(r)
Jedediah merrill
Timothy Pratt
Jonathan Scott
Joseph willoughby
Jonathan Fossett
Elisha Field
Joseph Richardson
Benj(m) Whipple
Henry Walbridge
James Breakenridge
Gideon Spencer
John Smith
Nathaniel Holmes
Nath(l) Spencer
Daniel mills
Benjamin Corey
Nathan Clark Jun(r)
Joseph Smith
Nath(ll) Dickinson m D
Sam(ll) Robinson Ju(r)
Zephaniah Holmes
Elnathan Hubbel
Lenard Robinson
John Smith jun

Benajah Story
Benajh Rude
Robert Cochren Ju
Ebenezer Robinson
John Fasset
Benj(a) Warner
John Warner
Weight Hopkins
Direck Smith
Michal Duning
Seth Hudson
Timoth Grover
Petter Payne
James Archer
Caleb Raynorlds
Peeter Robards
theophels whaly
John Dafoo
Abraham Bass
Lorance Cry
Woolrod Kriger
Andrew Burns
Mathew ford
David Carey
Mathew Raynorlds
Benj(m) Brigs
Daniel Perce
Jonathan Card
Joseph williams
George Gardner Jun(r)
James fuller
Andrew Alger
Boaz Brookens
Jonathan Wright
Davied Mallery
Witherly Wittam
Ely Nobels
Daniel Luce
George Hicks
Silas Pratt
Benj(m) Anderson
George Mitchell
John Willson
Petre Harwood
Robert Cochren Ser
Jonathan Scott
Stephen Fay
Samuel Cuttler
Daniel Warner
Seth Warner
Stephen Hopkins
Asa Alger
Isaac Vanernum
David Perigo
Enos Grover
Luke Vanernum
John Vanernum
Abraham J Lanson
Isaac Whaley
Charls wright
Elijah Woolcutt
John George Kriger
Crispen Bull
frances Burn
Peter fursbury
Paul Gardner
Elisha Card
Benj(m) Renorlds
George Baker
Ephriam Mallery
George Gardner
Benoni Permentor
William Hayward
Benj(m) Gardner
Philip Brookens
Joseph Galloop
Eiezer Marsh
Jarmiah Gardner
Josiah Nobels
James Curtis
Edward Hicks
Samuel Anderson
Benj(m) Grover
James Perigo
(It is interesting to note that the list of 251 Pownall petitioners appears to somewhat repeat itself with the last 75 names. Carefull analysis of the list reveals that there were only 185 petitioners on the spot in Pownall. In the following list I have moved the duplicate section to the right of the unique set of names sorted the whole list by last name and indicated where there were spelling differences. - Ken Held)
Number Name Repeated Name Spelling Diff
1 Adams, Sam(l)    
2 Alger, Andrew Alger, Andrew  
3 Alger, Asa Alger, Asa  
4 Anderson, Benj(m) Anderson, Benj(m)  
5 Anderson, Samuel Anderson, Samuel  
6 Archer, James Archer, James  
7 Armstrong, Libbeus    
8 Ashley, Elknah    
9 atwood, Samuel    
10 Backer, George Baker, George X
11 Bakon, Rufuss    
12 Barber, Joseph    
13 Bass, Abraham Bass, Abraham  
14 Blakelee, David    
15 Blakley, John    
16 Breakenridge, James    
17 Briges, Benj(m) Brigs, Benj(m) X
18 Brookens, Boaz Brookens, Boaz  
19 Brookings, Philip Brookens, Philip X
20 Brown Junr, Sam    
21 Bull, Crispen Bull, Crispen  
22 Bunum, John    
23 Burlinggame, Ephriam    
24 Burns, Andrew Burns, Andrew  
25 Burns, Francies Burn, frances X
26 Burnum Junr, John    
27 Card, Elisha Card, Elisha  
28 Card, Jonathan Card, Jonathan  
29 Carey, David Carey, David  
30 Cerpenter, Isaah    
31 Cerpenter, Jonathan    
32 Clark Junr, Nathan    
33 Clark, Nathan    
34 Cobb, Matthias    
35 Cochren Junr, Robert    
36 Cochren Ser, Robert    
37 Cole, Freegift    
38 Corbin, moses    
39 Corey, Benjamin    
40 Corey, John    
41 Cross, Ichabod    
42 Cry, Loreance Cry, Lorance X
43 Curtis, James Curtis, James  
44 Cuttler, Samuel    
45 Dafoo, John Dafoo, John  
46 Dewey, Jediah    
47 Dickinson M D, Nath(ll)    
48 Draper, James    
49 Duning, Michal    
50 Duning, Michel    
51 Eastman, Jonathan    
52 Fasset Junr, John    
53 Fasset, John    
54 Fay, Sephen    
55 Fay, Stephen    
56 Field, Elisha    
57 ford, Mathew ford, Mathew  
58 Fossett, Jonathan    
59 Fuller, James fuller, James  
60 Fuller, Josiah    
61 fursbury, Peeter fursbury, Peter X
62 Gallop, Joseph Galloop, Joseph X
63 Gardner Junr, George Gardner Junr, George  
64 Gardner, Benj(m) Gardner, Benj(m)  
65 Gardner, George Gardner, George  
66 Gardner, Jerimeah Gardner, Jarmiah X
67 Gardner, Paul Gardner, Paul  
68 Grover, Benj(m) Grover, Benj(m)  
69 Grover, Enos Grover, Enos  
70 Grover, Timothy Grover, Timoth X
71 Harmon, simeon    
72 Harwood, Petre    
73 Harwood, Zech(h)    
74 Hayward, William Hayward, William  
75 Henderson, Tho(s)    
76 Hicks, Edward Hicks, Edward  
77 Hicks, George Hicks, George  
78 Hide, Jacob    
79 Holmes Junr, Nathanael    
80 Holmes, Nathaniel    
81 Holmes, Zephaniah    
82 Hopkins, Stephen    
83 Hopkins, Weight    
84 Howlet, Dan    
85 Howlit, Dan    
86 Hubbel, Elnathan    
87 Hudson, Seth Hudson, Seth  
88 Hunt, Sam(ll)    
89 hurd, Isreal    
90 Kriger, John George Kriger, John George  
91 Kriger, Woolrod Kriger, Woolrod  
92 Lawrance, Isaac    
93 Lawrance, Isaac    
94 Laynghtson, Abraham Jacob Lanson, Abraham J X
95 Leach, Amos    
96 Luce, Daniel Luce, Daniel  
97 Mallery, David Mallery, Davied X
98 Mallery, Ephraim Mallery, Ephriam  
99 Marsh, Elezer Marsh, Elezer  
100 Marsh, Jacob    
101 merrill, Jedediah    
102 Mertin, Machir    
103 Miller, Joseph    
104 mills, Daniel    
105 mitchel, George Mitchell, George X
106 Nobels, Ely Nobels, Ely  
107 Nobels, Josiah Nobels, Josiah  
108 Noble, Elish    
109 Noble, obadiah    
110 olin, Jestins    
111 omsted, Moses    
112 Payne, Petter Payne, Petter  
113 pengree, George    
114 Perce, Daniel Perce, Daniel  
115 Perigo, David Perigo, David  
116 Perigo, James Perigo, James  
117 Permenter, Benoni Permentor, Benoni X
118 Pratt, Noah Pratt, Noah  
119 Pratt, Sam(ll)    
120 Pratt, Silas Pratt, Silas  
121 Pratt, Silas    
122 Pratt, Timothy    
123 Randal, Mathew Raynorlds, Mathew X
124 Raynolds, Benj(m) Renorlds, Benj(m) X
125 Raynolds, Caleb Raynorlds, Caleb X
126 Raynolds, Joshua    
127 Richardson, Joseph    
128 Robards, Petter Robards, Peeter X
129 Robinson Junr, Sam(ll)    
130 Robinson, Ebenezer    
131 Robinson, Joseph    
132 Robinson, Lenard    
133 Robinson, Moses    
134 Robinson, Silas    
135 Rudd, Joseph    
136 Rude, Benajh    
137 Safford, Samuel    
138 Scott, Daniel    
139 Scott, Jonathan    
140 Scott, Jonathan    
141 serls, Isaac    
142 sly, Mills    
143 Smith Junr, John    
144 Smith, Direck    
145 Smith, Direck    
146 Smith, John    
147 Smith, Joseph    
148 Smith, Thomas    
149 Spencer, Gideon    
150 Spencer, Nath(l)    
151 spencer, Peleg    
152 Story, Benajah    
153 Story, Elijah    
154 Tubs, Sam(l)    
155 Vanarnum, Isaac Vanernum, Isaac X
156 Vanernum, John Vanernum, John  
157 Vanernum, Luke Vanernum, Luke  
158 Walbridge, Henry    
159 Walbridge, Henry    
160 Waldo, Abiather    
161 Warner, Benj(a)    
162 Warner, Daniel    
163 Warner, John    
164 Warner, Seth    
165 waters Junr, Sam(el)    
166 Waters Junr, Samuel    
167 waters, Sam(el)    
168 Waters, Sam(ll)    
169 West Junr, Ichabod    
170 west, Ichabod    
171 West, Levi    
172 Whaley, Isaac Whaley, Isaac  
173 Whaley, theophels whaly, theophels  
174 Whipple, Benj(m)    
175 Wickwire, Joseph    
176 Williams, Joseph williams, Joseph  
177 willoughby, Joseph    
178 Willson, John    
179 Wittam, Witherly Wittam, Witherly  
180 Wood, Ebenezer    
181 woolcutt, Elijah Woolcutt, Elijah  
182 wortors, Sam(l)    
183 wright, Charls wright, Charls  
184 Wright, Ebenez(r)    
185 Wright, Jonathan Wright, Jonathan  

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