Marriages in Pownal,Vermont to 1850

From books #1 & #2 of the Pownal Town Records
Copied and arranged by
Elmer I. Shepard
Williamstown, Mass.
December, 1941


 Seeking records of marriages of Williamstown persons in the adjoining town of Pownal, Vermont, I found that local marriages were greatly outnumbered by those where one or both of the parties came from neighboring towns particularly from Western Massachusetts. It seemed desirable to make these records more available.

 I have arranged these Pownal marriages by place of residence, first Pownal and other Vermont towns, then Massa chusetts, NewYork, and other States. The records copied are in Books #1 and #2 of the Pownal Town Records which are well preserved in the Town Office in Pownal Center. I am indebted to Mr. William B. Browne of Adams, Mass. for the use of a copy which he had made of the earlier records in Book #l.

 While the spelling of names is usually kept as in the record, this is not done where the vagaries of spelling by the Town Clerk or other person making the record would cause persons evidently of the same family to be separated in the alphabetic arrangement. In such case the most usual spelling is given. A number of marriages were entered in two places and in some cases with differing data. In places where it is impossible to be sure of the record, a "?" follows the doubtful name or data. An omission in the record is show. by a"-".  Where the residence of the second party is not given, it is the same as that of the first. Where the record gives no place of residence it was assumed to be Pownal. This may be wrong particularly where the residence of the bride may also have been intended for the groom but the word "both" omitted by mistake, and therefore it is suggested that a particular name be looked for under Pownal as well as under known residence. With names of towns the State is given only where it differs. Only in a few of the later marriages is North Adams given, that town being included under Adams. No attempt has been made to separate them. The abbreviation "Wmst" is used thruout for Williamstown, Mass.  In Books #l and #2 birth records and some deaths are given grouped by families. It is my intention to publish them in a later number.
December 29, 1941
Elmer I. Shepard
Williamstown, Mass.

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