The following people have been very supportive of the Pownal Families of 1791 project. They are all tied to Pownal through their ancestors. Each person listed below has provided me with information about their ancestors to complete the 1791 census. The Pownal Historical Society greatly appreciates this support and welcomes others to be part of the team on this project. My personal thanks goes out to all of you. Special thanks to Carolyn Adams for the great job of reviewing and providing me with corrections.
Ken Held
Name Ancestors/Surname research
Adams, Carolyn & mother Barbara Morgan Andrew, Barber, Bushnell, Dunham, Hungerford, Morgan (Morgin), Munson (Monson), Ovaitt (Ovit, Oviatt), Stannard, Towsley (Towslee, Tousley).
Atkinson, Theodore Mayo - PHS member Browning (Brownall, Brownell), Eldred, Gib, Goff, Niles, Noble, Potter, Watson.
Bright, Julie - PHS member Bannister, Downer, Dunham, Kies (Keyes), Morgan.
Fitler, Penny - PHS member Stanton,
Marsh, Don Richard Brown,
Towslee, Joe - PHS member Towsley (Tousley, Towslee),

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By Ken Held