The Churches of Pownal

Pownal's church history from 1760 to 1840+

Extracted from Pownal - A Vermont Town's Two Hundred Years and More by Joseph Parks
Chapter 8 - A Time for Building Churches

Extracted from the History of the Baptists in Vermont by Rev. Henry Crocker

Extracted from Cemetery records
Rev. Caleb Nichols died Nov. 19, 1808. In 61st year. Minister in Baptist church in Pownal 15 ys.
Ruth, wife of Rev. Caleb Nichols, died June 21, 1801. In her 56th yr.
Rev. Sherman Ladd. Died May 10, 1858. Age 72 years.
Abigail, wife of Rev. S. Ladd, died Dec. 29, 1873. Age 78 yrs.
Rev. Elnathan Phelps died Jan. 2, 1813. Age 40 years.
Rev. Wm. Wilcox died at Jamaica, Vt. Oct. 9, 1854. Age 46 ys.
Electa J. Whipple, wife of Rev. W. Wilcox, died at Cheshire, Mass., Mar. 18, 1842.

Extracted from Legacy of Dissent, by Donald A. Smith

Ph.D. thesis at the Bennington Museum library, called, “Legacy of Dissent”, by Donald A. Smith and more specifically an appendix, entitled, “Veterans of Religious Conflict, Who Settled in Vermont.” Here is his list of Pownalites:
Eber Thomas, Norwich First, Separate.
Beriah Grover, Enos Grover, Isaac Grover, Breakneck Hill, Killingly, CT, Separate.
James Reynolds, Exeter, Free Will Baptist.
Rev. Caleb Nichols, W. Coventry, Separate Baptist.
Benjamin Gardner, W. Greenwich, Separate Baptist.
John Niles, Griswold, CT, Separate.
Nathaniel Seeley, Separate Baptist.
Benjamin Andrus, Freetown Long (Mass.), Old Light.
John Andrus, Freetown Long (Mass.), Old Light.

Pownal's church history after 1840

  • Faith Christion Fellowship
  • North Pownal Church
  • North Pownal Episcopal Mission
  • Our Lady of Lourdes
  • Pownal Center Community Church
  • Pownal United Methodist Church